What Is A Long Tail Keyword And How Does It Help Divert Traffic?

Most of us have heard of keywords, however, what is a long tail keyword? And does it really help generate or divert more traffic to your website?

Well, a long tail keyword is more a set of key phrases that are longer than regular keywords and more specific. The key to long-tail keywords is that they actually do not help divert more traffic.

Shocking as it may sound, this is the absolute truth. Then why use long-tail keywords at all? Good question. The trick here is that as they are specific, they have better conversion rates. Well, isn’t that the ultimate goal of most websites and businesses online?


Search Engine Optimization isn’t only about diverting more traffic to your website. It goes to the jugular vein, which is increasing the sales – period. When someone is looking for a particular product or service, why does the person automatically turn to Google or Bing (search engines)? Obviously, the idea is to conduct some research about the requirement. For instance, if you are looking for a particular brand of car, say Tesla. You would search on Google for Tesla reviews first, and if you find some great reviews, you will probably intensify your research.

Conversely, if the reviews are not so good, or even very discouraging, then obviously the sales figures are going to plummet due to poor reviews. The search engine, being impartial, will only go by “Tesla reviews” and wouldn’t care too much if the reviews are good or bad. This is where the long-tail keyword comes into the scene and helps bail the company out of the dicey situation.

Hence, before attempting to use a long-tail keyword, it makes sense to understand its true value and how it helps you increase your revenue. Here are some easy steps that will help you increase your revenue through long-tail keywords by getting to understand them better:

What Is A Long Tail Keyword Research?

Which are the long-tail keywords that potential customers are likely to search for? Let’s take the same Tesla, as an example. The search would probably go like this:

  • Tesla alternatives
  • Tesla Reviews
  • Tesla Competitors
  • Tesla offers and discounts

You will probably get a better idea if you look for something known as Google Suggest Data. Have you noticed that whenever you type any word or phrase in Google’s search box, it will immediately throw up additional words that are suggestive?

However, there is a limitation in the number of keywords Google Suggest throws up; hence, you will probably need to use a tool known as Suggestor which will give you something more than what Google suggested, or Google Suggest showed. You will notice that there are certain secondary keyword suggestions that did not appear on Google Suggest. The long-tail keywords include:

  • Tesla reviews Reddit
  • Tesla reviews top gear YouTube
  • Tesla reviews top gear video
  • Tesla model reviews customer reports
  • Tesla reviews by owners 2016
  • Tesla performance review top gear
  • Tesla Roadster reviews top gear

All the above long-tail keywords would not have appeared on Google Suggest search box, and with such an exhaustive list of long-tail keywords, you can devise your own strategy to increase the conversions using your company name in place of Tesla to create your own list of long-tail keywords.

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