Watchtime increase of Youtube videos from 7 Tips

Friends This post is for those who are on YouTube today in this post we are going to talk about how you can increase the time of watching your Youtube channel because you know a new YouTube. Update 2019 that came with new updates to YouTube has shaken everyone

In fact, YouTube updated last year, according to which there were at least 10,000 views on your channel to see your channel at least and to run your YouTube channel.

In the same way, New YouTuber has accomplished this goal and has monetized its channel itself, just as YouTube has recently released a new update, and this new update by YouTube lulled those people Has been working on YouTube for 1 year

According to this new update from YouTube, 1,000 channels from your channel should now be 4,000 hours to monetize your channel, and if your channel has 1,000 subscribers, but the clock time is not 4000 hours, Can not earn

And if you have 4000 watch time on your channel, but do not have 1,000 subscribers, then you can not monetize your channel. This new update by YouTube has given a lot of bad news to many people, due to which many will disable the monetization of the YouTube channel

According to YouTube’s new policy, you have given 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of time on the YouTube channel by 20th February, which is capable of receiving 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time on your YouTube channel during this time period. There will be no possibility with new updates

But youtube’s channel Youtube has not been found in accordance with this policy. Monotypes of those channels will be disabled. One thing is quite clear, YouTube’s new policy is going to disable monetization for many YouTube channels.

Best 7 Tips How to Watch Time Increase on YouTube

Watchtime increase of Youtube videos from 7 Tips

Now it has come to know how to increase the watch time of your YouTube channel as soon as possible. In this post we are going to tell you tips that you can increase the watch time of your YouTube channel and also subscribe to your YouTube channel. Let’s know about these tips.

1. Keep the relevant title of the video

To increase your video’s watch time, first you have to foss on the title of your video, you have to keep the title of your YouTube video, which is compelling people to watch your video.You have to put a question in the title of your YouTube video, which people should watch your video to see, like selecting a title that people can read more on your video.

2. Video Poster

If you want to extend the clock time on your YouTube channel after this new update, then first you have to make the best poster of your YouTube channel, for the video to create a video for half the time, until people upload your video to Thambail Unlike the video, the video will not be seen by the thermal of your video so that more and more people can create their own videos.

This means that the video play will play when it clicks on it and only when it is clicked, the time of your video will increase

3. Maximize on first 15 seconds

To increase the watch time of your YouTube channel, one thing to keep in mind that for you to have more time on your YouTube channel, you must have at least 15 second intro video in your YouTube startup, so your video See. Time will increase

4. Number of videos

One thing is obvious from the YouTube new update 2018: YouTube customers can easily get thousands, but it’s very hard to get 4,000 hours to watch YouTube videos. In most of the time, to increase your YouTube upload, as soon as the video uploads to the maximum video channel, the clock time will increase and as soon as you upload the video in the subject trends, this will increase the time of your channel.

5. YouTube Analytics

To enhance your channel’s watch time, youtube analytics is a great option, now you have a lot to do to make use of YouTube Analytics to increase watch time on your channel. Find out with YouTube Analytics now by visiting your YouTube channel.

People who come to your YouTube channel look at topics and create their own YouTube videos as much as possible, and also analyze what keywords people are visiting on YouTube on your YouTube channel. Come and create your videos on those keywords

6. Quality Content

The best and best way to increase the clock time on the YouTube channel is quality content. Now you can keep your video with full focus on your YouTube channel and show your content to people who love your videos, as well as watch other videos, which will increase the time of your watching YouTube channel

7. Playlists and cards

You will need to use the cards in each video of your YouTube channel, which enables viewers to easily access video from one video, and with the few videos in your YouTube channel playlist, the time of viewing your YouTube channel Enhances Mentioning is also for your viewers to watch all the videos in your channel, doing so will increase the time of your channel and will grow very fast.

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