Vigo Video [What is and How to Earn Money – Full Information]

How to Earn Money from Vigo App – Hello Friends How are you guys today’s post is beneficial to you people because in this post we will tell you what is the vigo app and how to earn money from vigo video. Friendship In this post we are going to give you complete information about how to earn money from vigo and this app, so you must read this post fully.

Friends, everybody wants to earn money sitting at home and vigo app is a great option to earn money sitting at home and at this time many people are making a lot of money from vigo. But there are still many people who do not even know what the vigo video app is. So first of all, we tell you about this popular app and then tell you how to earn money from this app. So let’s start the Friends post.

What is vigo video – complete information

Friends vigo app is a very popular Android app on the Google Play Store this time, and at this time this app has got a rating of 4.3 which is a very strong rating. And this app has more than 50 million downloads.

The vigo app is a short video app that allows you to create small videos. Many people make their funny videos and upload them to the vigo app. You can download this app from the Google Play Store for free.

In this app you will find all kinds of videos and this is a great app to pass the time. In this app you will find many funny videos. Overall, this is a very good app, which people are very much liked and millions of people use it in India too.

How to Earn Money from Vigo Video

Friends now see how to earn money from the vigo video app, Friends, these apps are not only meant to pass the time. Even if you want to earn good money every month from this app, and in this post we give you full information about it. is.

1. Friends, first to earn money from this app, this app will have to be installed in your mobile phone. To install, you go to the Google Play Store and type vigo video and you will get this app in front of you. We are sharing screenshots and direct download links of this Android app with you to help you. 2. After downloading the app, you will have to create an account in it for uploading video and for this you can create an account with Facebook, Google or your mobile number and it takes only 2 to 3 seconds.

3. Friends, this app is about 55 mb and if your internet connection is too slow or there is not much space in your phone, you can also install the lighter version of vigo video app and it is only 7.7 mb. But if you have a space in your phone and nowadays the problem of Net due to jio is not available to anyone, then if you have to earn money from this app then you can download its full version.

4. After installing App on your mobile phone, you have to open this app and its main screen will show you something like this.

5. Here you will see some options here –
• Home – Here you can see new videos
• Following – Here you see videos of those people
Who you have followed on Vigo

• Camera – You will be able to upload a red color button by clicking on it, you can shoot and shoot your video from your mobile phone.

• Notifications – Here you will find notifications coming from vigo video

• Me – Your profile is here and here is information about your flyovers, fallow and flames. Here you also have a favorite video and your wallet is done.

• Wallet – Flames are deposited in your wallet, the more flames you have, the less money you get. 1 flame gives you $ 0.015.

Friends, you may have come to know the full details of the vigo video app, now you have to upload and create good videos daily to earn money. The more good your video will be, and the people will like it, then you give flames with vigo company and you can then convert these flames to money in your paypal or paytm account.

To get money from Paytm, you only need to link your paytm account to the vigo video app.

To take money from paytm, keep in mind that you will not get your paytm details filled with good money or you will not get your money in paytm. Once you have $ 1 dollars in your account, you can withdraw it in patym. You can not withdraw more than $ 200 dollars a day.

The second option is PayPal. Paypal is a very popular site that works to transfer money. With the help of Paypal, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world to your bank account. Even here, you can make a payment when the minimum is $ 1 and the maximum limit of one day is $ 200 dollars. If you want to send money from paypal, then you only need to link your paypal account to your Vigo account.

How to make money from Vigo video

To earn money from friends vigo you have to get maximum flames. The more flames you get, the more money you will get. You get $ 0.015 for every 1 flame.

How to get more flames

Friends, many people say that we put videos daily on vigo but we do not get flames. Friends, we are giving you some tips that you can get as many flames as possible by following them.

1. Use your mobile phone camera to create a video and remember that the video should be of high quality.

2. Make videos that are related to your video type and topic, like if you have to create fun videos, then you should only upload funny videos so you will get more flames.

3. Upload a regular video and try to upload a little bit and try to upload creative videos that people enjoy.

4. Encourage your flyovers to like, share and comment. Give your videos the right title.

5. Never upload videos of others and upload copyrited videos. You will get more flames if you upload good and creative videos to make more money from friends vigo.

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