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Now India has also lunch. Amazon Influencer Program will now be double income of people if you also have to earn double income.

I first discussed how to make money from Amazon Affiliates. This is one of my top sources of income on some of my websites.One of the great things about Amazon is the way of emancipation, especially when your website performs well on its network.

I have been associated with Amazon with my first hobby website since 2009. Now I use different methods of their monetization on my website. On this website, I use standard affiliate programs in addition to advertisements and bounty banners which are very well customized.

Amazon launched influential programs in 2017 keeping in mind social media influencers. This intensive article will include: –
• Amazon’s affected program is really what and what does not
• How to apply for the Amazon affected program
• Best ways to earn money from the Amazon Effect Program
• How will you pay if you live in some countries
• If you do not have many followers, how to join this program
• If you do not have a website then how to earn money from the program
• The difference between the Amazon Affiliate Program and the Amazon Effective Program

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is a monetization method that allows you to create a storefront with Amazon on your own Vanity URL.
If you remember Astor from behind in the day, then it is very good with customization options.

Storefront allows you to choose a name for your shop and curate various products in different categories, then refers to people on the storefront or a specific category page.

Once you buy your referral, you get a commission. You can see me in front of a store.So how is it different from the regular Amazon affiliate program?

Difference Between Amazon Influencer Program and Amazon Affiliates

1.The Amazon Influencer program is for social media influencers. Although you do not need a website to participate, an active website with relevant content should be included in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

2.With people associated with Amazon, you are providing links to personal or search pages on Amazon, while Amazon Influencer program offers you only one link in front of your store. You add all your favorites and recommendations to the storefront.

3.Amazon affiliate T & CS refuses to share your affiliate link elsewhere from your website. It may be prohibited to ignore it. However, with the Amazon Influencer Program vanity URL, you can share storefront links everywhere with your mailing list.

4.You do not need to include a disclosure statement in front of your store because Amazon already has one, which mentions that you earn money from the storefront. You must manually specify the disclosure page of your website and at the top of each post.

How to Join the Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Influencer Program is currently only an invitation program. I saw a button on my Amazon companion dashboard and requested to join.
However, some people may also receive emails inviting them to join. You must have social media at least one of both YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There may be an additional benefit on all four platforms as well. Once you fill in the number of followers along with the details of the account, you can submit the application.

If you are approved within a few hours or days depending on the social media channel, you will be notified.You do not need millions of followers to join. As a reference point, at the time of the application I made, my combined follower statistics were about 6,000.However, I am associated with Amazon for a long time, so that there can be facts in the application too.You can fill in an application and check whether you are eligible here or not. If you are not immediately qualified, you can apply later to increase the number of followers.

Do you need a website to join the Amazon Influencer program?You do not need a website to join the Amazon Influencer program. It was specially designed for people with social media channels.

However, if you have a website then you can apply. It just means more money for you. Apply to join Amazon Influencer Program HERE

How to Promote the Amazon Influencer Program. If you are approved, you will receive a link to set up your storefront. Here are some great ways to boost the Amazon Influencer program and make money: –

1.Optimize your storefront

Optimize your storefront before sharing the link. Upload a nice cover photo as well as a thumbnail photo; Either your photo, logo or something else relevant to your brand.
Create lists. Do not add all the products in front of your store. Click on the”Create a New Idea” list. Pop up below will appear.

Give the list a name and description, and then create it and add related products to that list. If you check in front of my store, you can see that I have different lists for different categories.
To edit or delete a list, click the Edit button at the top of the page and select Edit or Delete. You can also add bounty to your store.

When visitors sign up, Amazon’s programs and services are charged for reward. Depending on the program, you can earn as high as $.15 / customer

Below is a snapshot of some reward programs available. Sign up for a commission of $ 5 and $ 3:
2. Share your storefront link in all places
Link is for social media and email so that you can share it all the way you want. You can share a link to the store or a link to a specific list.
You can get a link to a specific list by clicking on the list and copying the link from the upper right corner.

2. Create useful and targeted content on your website

Target your website regularly and include a link to your Amazon store on the page.
If you do not have a website and you want to start one to increase your sales capability, then refer to this AZ-BluePrint. Make relevant lists for your audience If your website is about health and fitness, then I come back to the list, for example, you should not make a list ad mobile phone or some irrelevant.

If you send potential customers to Amazon and they buy other things before checking out, then this is great for your pocket but does not promote irrelevant things in advance.
For example, on Amazon Prime Day, through my link, Canon was very pleased to see people buying a camera, even if my link was to completely separate something.

3. Post frequently on social media

I do not advocate to post any kind of crazy post on social media for 36 hours every day, which is at your disposal.However, with social media scheduling tools, you can already receive 3 months or more posts.

4. Proceed your social media audience.

Increase your social media audience. Invite your friends to pick up your page and also invite your friends.The fastest way to increase followers is to run ads on these channels. If you are cash-strapped, try to grow systematically. You can also run a quick experiment which did not break the bank on Facebook and Instagram for around $ 25. I do this once or twice a month.

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