Jio offers, every day free 2GB data, for primetime users only

Jio offers, every day free 2GB data, for primetime users only

Reliance Jio – Celebration Pack: 2GB data users get. Every day, though these offers are only for select users.

Reliance Jio started the Jio Celebreation Pack offer some time ago. After this it was returned again and its validity was stated till 17th March. However, according to the report, the offer of Reliance is still on and some users have seen its validity till March 28.

This offer of Reliance Jio is for prime users and it is for select customers only. You can check it yourself whether you are eligible for this offer or not. Your smartphone is about to open the My Jio app. Extra data is appearing in some users’ apps, but some do not. This app has a My Plans section. If you see Jio Celebration Pack here, then you get 2GB of data free.

Significantly, given the validity of day-to-day validity under this plan, 2GB extra data is provided every day. Overall, customers are given 6GB free data. Whether or not this offer will run for the next month, it is not clear at the moment. The company has also not released any official press release regarding this offer nor has the company given any updates about it.

Talk about other news related to Reliance Jio, it is reported that the company Jio Geigerfill can roll out soon. Not only this, the company will get complimentary offers for up to three months. However, for this you also have to pay Rs 4,500, which will be as a security deposit. The company will put a router in your house and when you return it, you will get the money.
According to the report, Triple Play can also launch the plan, under which the customers can be given 100 GB data for 28 days.

Jio’s new Explosive: 2GB data will now be available every day for free

Reliance Jio has once again offered stealthy offers. Geo has once again introduced its popular offer collection release pack. In this offer, users are getting 2GB of mobile data daily. In this offer of live you get 2 GB of data daily for free. These offers are only the prime of Jio

Best plan of Jio

Subscribers are getting. In this offer you will get extra 10 GB data for users, where 2 GB data will be given daily for 5 days. In this great offer, Jio users will get 2 GB daily.

Jio’s best plan, Geo has re-presented the Celebration Pack. Users will get 2 GB Extra data per day in this plan. This particular pack of the company has got the number of customers on the number from March 24 to March 26 with validity. On the other hand, some users have got the validity from March 24 to March 28. In this offer, you will not be able to get any benefit except Exstra Data. Also, the data found in the Users’ Salvation Pack can be used later on.

How to Raise The Benefits Of This Offer

You need to activate the My Jio app to take advantage of this offer. After logging in, you can select the My Plans option by tapping on the menu icon. Here you will see the ‘Jio Celebration Pack’, it will look like an add-on. Find the Jio Celebration Pack It may be below your current plan. You can make a call on 1299 and confirm it via SMS.

Triple pay plan ‘

Jio is testing triple pay plan for its Giga fiber. Through this plan, users will get access to Jio GigaFiBar, Jio Home TV and Geo Apps in a Monthly Package. The company has started the gigaphiber connection in some cities. There is yet to be official declaration about the Giga Fiber Plan.

Special things:
• Offer available in the vicinity of March 24 to March 28
• Offer only for Jio Prime Subscribers

Now if you are a Jio-Prime Subscriber then this good news is for you. Actually Reliance Jio Celebration Pack has come back once more. Yes, Reliance Live has come again with ‘Jio Celebration Pack’ for its users. According to the reports, under this pack, some selected users are being provided data free of 6 to 10 GB.

Talk to you that this offer is only for Jio’s prime subscribers. Talking about this pack, users are given two GB data everyday. Additionally, for those users getting 10 GB additional data, the validity of the Jio Celebration Pack will be 5 days and the validity of their Jio Celebration Pack for those users who received 6 GB data is 3 days.

According to the reports, the celebrity packs on some number of Jio’s prime subscribers have been merged with the validity from March 24 to March 26, then this number has been made available to some users with validity from March 24 to March 28. . Not only this, users can also use the data available in this Jio Celebration Pack even after finishing the FUP limit.

Can activate the Jio Celebration Pack in this way

If you want to know whether this offer is coming in your Jio Celebration Pack or if you have received or not, then you can easily check it. You have to go to the My Jio app to check this. You will need to log in here after which you have to tap on the menu icon. Now you have to go to My Plans option in which you will get ‘Jio Celebration Pack’ which will appear as an add-on. Here you can check your offer.

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