Increase Traffic To Your Blog With Meta Tag and SEO

The reaction to my earliest posts was very good, namely to increase your Alexa rank and increase blog traffic etc. So, I felt I could do some further research on the internet and gain some information and help my bloggers improve the traffic on their websites. In essence, this post shows you how important it is that your SEO site is optimized to improve your traffic and explains a simple way of placing the Meta Tag correctly on your site.

It is very important that you optimize your site so that your page rank, Alexa rank, etc., are very high. Will you spend much money on your blog driving when it is free of charge?? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so. Download the search engine optimization ebook from Brad Callen made easy. Made easy. This book explains how to optimize your SEO blog and contains simple techniques to enhance your blog to a professional blog. So, I advise everyone in this ebook to go through every word.

Now, let me say a simple way to generate traffic on your blog using Meta Tags. What is a Meta Tag, therefore? It’s an HTML piece, which is generally inserted at the top of each site template, to provide the search engines with information on the website contents. Few people say it useless, although few advise it. As ever, adding them is no harm. We should add them, therefore. Let me tell you immediately how this should be included.

  1. Login and navigate from your dashboard with “Layout>>Edit HTML.” Before making any changes to your template, backup it by clicking on ‘ Full template download. ‘
  2. Find the code below. You may use “CTRL + F” to do so.


  • Add the following Meta Tag below it:
  • <meta content=’Your blog description here’ name=’description’/>
  • <meta content=’Your keywords here’ name=’keywords’/>

4. To describe your blog, you have to change “Your blog description here.” For instance, if your blog is about making money, you can write a short description that says, “Get the tips that you will need to make money online” With keywords, you feel traffic to your blog, “your keywords here.” To get the right keywords associated with your blog, you should check the Google Keywords Tool.

5. Click Save Template. Congrats!! You have now optimized your site.

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