How to Stand Out From the Crowd in 2019 | 10 Secret Social Media Marketing Tips

Today, it is a constant struggle for all those who are trying to seek attention online. This is mainly because of the huge amount of information and content that are cluttering the internet. Likewise, the availability of so many social media platforms for the marketers makes it difficult for your content to stand out in the true sense. There is no denying the fact that social media channels are the single most influential source to increase your online presence. Considering this, here are a few social media strategies for you to make a note of.

Social media helps in the following ways:

  • Establishes better relationships with the customers
  • Widens the sales funnel
  • Provides greater weight to content with search engines, increasing the rank of the owned sites
  • Avenue for providing services to the customers, thus limiting the strain on the incumbent support staff

Thus, we see that social media is a necessity for online marketing of your products. Let us take a look at the ten important social media strategies that can boost your blog’s visibility.

1. Frequent Posting

More posts means more impressions. Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, have higher lifespans; so posting once or twice every day works in most of the cases.

According to Peter Bray from Moz, “the lifespan of a tweet” is around 18 minutes. Similarly, Kevan Lee from Buffer says that they “post 14 times per day”;

However, if the size of the content is not humongous, then 5 to 6 posts in a day works well.

2. Content Optimization

Before starting to post, one needs to understand the way the posts “show up” on specific networks. It has been observed that images work very well and they are frequently shared. Again, usage of strategic hashtag increases the chances of a tweet to be seen by a set of relevant viewers outside the current followers.

3. Cross Promoting

Cross promoting your blog across the different social channels also help in increasing the visibility. One does not need to spend money to post about a LinkedIn page on the Facebook. Although the content can be similar in both the platforms, the chances of visibility increases. This is because the same audience can follow you on both the channels, along with new followers.

4. Featuring Email Account On Social Media Platforms

If a person subscribes to your emails, it means he/she likes your content. You can offer them alternative methods for receiving your content such as through social media. Similarly, adding social buttons to one’s email signatures (used for business) is also a good idea. You must be having your company’s email address and phone number included in your content. So, why not get more ways of contacting you?

5. Adding Social Buttons To The Website

All of us know that social media accounts are excellent when it comes to learning about an organization. These buttons can be added either to the footer or header of the website or near the Contact Us or About Us or on the homepage. Again, one can also add the social media links or buttons to one’s accounts throughout one’s website. It is true that usually the home page is found to be the page that has been visited the most number of times. However, it has often been seen that visitors also get attracted to a site by blogs, product pages, and press releases.

6. Using Share Buttons

If a person is interested, then only he/she visits a site or a web page. If they happen to like the content, then give them an opportunity to express their liking. In this case, share buttons are a better option than the follow buttons; people can post predetermined content seamlessly using the share buttons. “Click to tweet” is a fabulous tool in this regard.

7. Including Social Info On The Printed Materials Or Signage

Wherever your company exhibits ads, integrate the digital presence of your company onto brochures, reports or fliers. Table tops or banners offer better opportunities for featuring the social media accounts like the Twitter handle. However, it is always wise to wait until one needs new materials for adding the social handles or icons to fit oneself within the set budget.

8. Leveraging Your Employees

It has been proved time and again that employees have often been the best advocates for their organization on the social media channel. Encourage them for supporting your organization by making your social accounts accessible and visible. During the employee training programs, one can mention about his/her presence in social media to encourage them for following the company pages. Monthly or weekly emails to the employees showing the top social posts can make them understand the company’s viewpoint. These are helpful in sharing the workload of the social media manager as well as for the regular internal communications.

9. Thoughtful Headline

Remember the old saying, “Your first impression is the best impression.” Same applies to your blog. A blog headline is often the most crucial part of your blog since it provides the first impression to the viewers. As taught by Copyblogger, a headline should have these following qualities:

  • Usefulness – Why is the post valuable?
  • Ultra-specific – What can the audience learn from the post?
  • Unique – What is unique and compelling in this post?
  • Urgent – Why should anyone read it now?

10. Think About The Relevance Of Your Blog Regarding Sharing

The CIG (Customer Insight Group) at the prestigious New York Times had published an engaging study exploring reasons for sharing any content online. They found some reasons as to why people share a particular content.

  • Bring entertaining and valuable content to other people
  • Define oneself to others
  • Nourish and grow relationships
  • Market brands or causes
  • Self-fulfillment

These reasons are mainly for you to understand the hook. You should commit only to those blogging ideas that have the potential to become viral. Tweak or cut off those that are on your calendar “just because.” It is fruitless to create noise. Instead, create value.

These social media strategies will not only boost the visibility of your blog but will become a base for your “digital presence.”

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