How To Promote Products On Clickbank And Make Good Money?

Have you been wondering about how to promote products on ClickBank and make a tidy sum for yourself? Well, ClickBank is one of the leading affiliate networks that marketers are keen to sign up with. It offers a wide range of digital products, offers handsome commission on sales, and what’s more is the system is pretty easy to use. Not mentioning the awesome support the company gives to its affiliate marketing partners.

To make a lot of money through ClickBank, you need to learn how to promote its products. First, let’s try to figure out what ClickBank is. It is an affiliate marketing network organization that serves as a platform for product sellers, also known as advertisers, and affiliates, who are also referred to as the publishers. Although based in the U.S. there is no geographical boundary for this large network.

It is rather easy to get started on ClickBank. All you need to do is to fill out the ClickBank signup form, and the best part of it is there is no waiting for any approvals before you can be accepted. You can start promoting the minute you signup. Hence it is great for experienced as well as novice promoters.

ClickBank is available to people living in over 150 countries, offering the affiliates a vast range of products, and you can browse and choose the ones that suit you best.  You can check what is known as the ‘Gravity score’ of a product, which shows you how many other affiliates are currently selling this product. Look for products with gravity scores of 30 and above.

Apart from the gravity score of a product, there are some other pointers that are listed product-wise on ClickBank.

  • You can view the average earnings possible from the sale of a particular product.
  • The commission percentage for each product is clearly mentioned
  • You can also get an idea of you future earnings, total sale, percentages, for all the products.


Unlike other reputed affiliate networks that offer a very meager commission percentage, ClickBank is very generous, and the commission percentages range between 10% and 75%. Most of the products carry a commission of around 50%, which works out to substantial earnings. Payouts are made every two weeks, and the payment threshold can be set by you and can be as low as $10.

ClickBank offers one of the most rewarding affiliate network programs and offers great support as well. Here are the benefits of signing up with ClickBank at a glance:

  • Signing up is free, and there is no waiting period to be accepted.
  • There are no registration charges or any preconditions for joining.
  • The payout system is perfect, and there can be no hassles for getting the dues on time.
  • You have the liberty to choose the products you wish to promote.
  • The commission rates are very attractive and range between 10% and 75%.
  • ClickBank offers a wide range of products, with new ones being added
  • You can start from day one after signing up with ClickBank.

Some Tips On Promoting Clickbank Products

You need to have your website for promoting ClickBank products, though you can sell some products even without using a website. A bit of pre-selling is involved as one can’t expect people to buy right away unless there is a good enough reason that convinces them. Pre-selling plays a major role in promoting ClickBank products.

You need to earn the trust of the customer before you can think of closing a sale. Hence, building up is an important part of the strategy. Once you have people trickling in and viewing your products on your website, you know you are on the right track. What you need to do is to create a sales funnel, because this will help in building a lasting relationship with your customers. You can dole out some freebies like tips, course material; e-publications, etc. and lure the customers into parting with their email ID.

Once you have the email ID of the prospective customer, you know that the user is interested in your product, and it is up to you to build up on this and close the sale at the earliest. You can include the link to your website in your promotional emails, and in all probability, the user will click on the link, which takes him or her directly to your website. Make sure that the page has the niche related to you and creates some interest in the user, leading to a definite conversion.

By now, you would have created a good rapport with the customer and gained the trust. Hence, your advice is valuable, and they are likely to buy the product you are promoting on behalf of your affiliate network. Moreover, this is not a touch-and-go business, and you are keen on building a lasting relationship. You can strengthen this bond by sending literature like eBooks, free offers, and tips, etc. on a regular basis through email.

In addition to you niche products, if you feel the user may be interested in other products as well, you should pitch for those as well. The customer also has a one-point source for most of the requirements, and may even start referring friends and family. However, it is always better to stick to the niche product as that is your focus.

The focus should also be in expanding the email list by adding new customers and create a big database. New users can be added regularly, and you can develop your sales funnel, which will help you maintain cordial relations with all your customers. By being in regular contact with your customers, you get to know their tastes and preference patterns, which will further help you in suggesting products that they will grab whenever offered.

Some other tips to follow:

Use Banner Ads

One of the best ways to promote ClickBank products is through banner ads. You certainly need a well-designed website for this, where you can publish articles that. You can have the banner ad appearing either in the sidebar or somewhere in between in the article, never for a moment appearing to indulge in pre-selling tactics.

As it is, most of the traffic is probably already aware of your niche. Hence it is not surprising to see some conversions happening right away. The banner ads will certainly have a link leading to the affiliate, and one click will take the customer directly to the principal’s website, or right to the landing page that gives more details about the product. If that leads to a conversion and a sale ultimately, it is automatically credited to your account.

In case you are unable to create compelling content for your website, you need to think of buying up banner ad space on other websites in the same niche (though not competitors). Go to websites that have good quality organic traffic where you can have banners highlighting ClickBank products you are promoting. The banners will carry the same links and will divert prospects to the affiliate site.

Marketing Through Articles Or Blogs

Content is still the king

And what better way to promote your products than through compelling content. You can have content created that has recommendations from the writer, who needs to be of good standing and already popular because of his or her blogs. The blog can be an indirect review in first person talking highly of the products. People who are already familiar with such bloggers will take their word and go by the recommendations.

There fair chances for readers to click on the links provided somewhere in between the content, which is also known as in-content links, which appear naturally in the content. Such in-content links are never too obvious and are often missed by readers who just scan through the content and do not read it intently.

The website wherein you publish your blogs needs to have a fair amount of traffic. Such sites normally carry product reviews and product descriptions as well, in addition to blogs in related topics. Traffic diverted by reviews is generally comprised targeted traffic, making the chances for conversion very high. Inviting other bloggers to write guest posts and have in-content links inserted to divert traffic.

Utilize The Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

Social media has become a powerful force to reckon with in today’s online marketing business. Facebook is probably the most used platform, and using it to promote ClickBank products is probably the smartest move you can think of. Apart from being incredibly easy (provided you know how to use it), it is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can fetch you millions of dollars worth business.

Most businesses have a dedicated Facebook page where product reviews are regularly posted. With catchy images and one-liners, you are bound to grab the attention of the hip crowd that is more or less addicted to Facebook.  With Facebook, you need to make your presence be felt on a daily basis, and post based on the time zones you are targeting. You need to join as many groups as possible and promote your products with these groups and make sure your posts go viral. Facebook also has a paid advertising feature that is quite popular with most online businesses and is a sure-shot money-spinner.

Giving ads on Facebook is pretty easy. Go to the home page and on the right-hand top corner (sign out button) and click on the sign-out dropdown. You will notice ‘create ads.’ If you have any difficulty finding that just click on, and make sure your ‘ad-blocker’ is off while you do this. Just click on the ‘create Ad Account’ button and follow the instructions and you will be able to create your ad on your Facebook page.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform that lets you pin images of your products from your affiliate network principal like ClickBank. You are allowed to use your affiliate links along with each pin you post. Each time a person clicks on the link and is directed to the website and a sale takes place; you are entitled to the sales commission as the referrer. The amount is automatically credited to your account.

The trick lies in creating or finding interesting and catchy pins to put up on the platform that will grab the attention of the users instantly. The pins can also be accompanied by review posts that contain affiliate links that lead the user to the affiliate principal’s website, leading to a possible conversion and subsequent sale.

3. Email Marketing Techniques

Email marketing is more at a personal level, and your targeted audience is captive, and you can easily play upon their emotions and win them over. You have all the time in the world to convince your customer, unlike other online customers who are in your website page for just a few seconds.

As you have their contact details stored on your database, you can keep bombarding them with promotional emails. However, make sure that the emails are not too lengthy and boring; as such emails are likely to be trashed immediately.

Instead of being aggressive at the opening itself, it is more effective to delve on a strategy that involves pre-selling while pitching your products with the prospective customers. Give them the features and benefits of the product and its highlights. Talk about the savings in time, effort, and money they gain by using the products you are promoting.

The strategy should comprise a series of emails that will gradually convince the customer and end up as a solid sale. It is quite common to include an affiliate link that leads the user to the product you are pitching for, and at no point of time does the user feel that he or she is being led down the path. The effect is gradual and natural, with no coercion whatsoever.

4. Be Active In Forums

Forums are the happening places today. Joining and participating in forums and following the threads is a time-tested strategy that is bound to work. Many people turn to forums whenever in doubt about a product or service, and as a participant, it is very easy to convince a person to go for a particular product.

Make sure that the forums are related to ClickBank products, and join in and participate in the hot discussions that are common in most forums. Post your suggestions, comments, and opinions like any other participant, and gradually draw the attention of other participants and lead them to the affiliate site using a link that you need to plant amidst the discussions naturally.

Winning over the trust is what matters when it comes to forums. Once you have the other forum members virtually eating out of your hands, you certainly have made the desired impact. Try to use the affiliate link as your exit line while signing out of such forums.

5. Use The Comprehensive Craigslist

Promoting your affiliate products on Craigslist is a smart move indeed. Not only is it easy, but it can also turn out to be beneficial and highly profitable in the long run. Being a very old classified ads website similar to the good old Yellow Pages, Craigslist has region-wise listings and has amazing reach.

You can place an ad on Craigslist and have your principal affiliate’s link included in it. Make sure the niche products listed contain accurate details of the product you are targeting. Try to highlight in the ad the features and benefits of the product, this way you can avoid getting flagged or even penalized for posting false information/claims. However, the bright side of it is, if your product gets noticed, you can expect brisk sales almost immediately.

6. Make Use Of YouTube

YouTube is probably the most used medium today, and most of the videos that have gone viral with millions of views have been posted on YouTube. It is not a very complicated process, and all you need to do is to create your short videos on the products, using well-researched keywords. In the short time, you have, you need to convey a powerful message that will be shared instantly.

You can also upload short product review videos, which should be more like a how-to that describes in detail about the product and its uses. Make sure that you don’t forget to include the link for the affiliate network, or you could also use HopLink, which is an URL that is used to link users to vendor sites, and also informs ClickBank the identity of the affiliate who referred this particular customer.

There is a distinct advantage using YouTube while promoting ClickBank products as most of the visitors you get through the videos are targeted audience. If your short video can convince the visitor of the advantages of the product, you can expect them to click on the affiliate link or HopLink and proceed to place an order for the product.

7. Try Using Squidoo (Owned By HubPages Now)

Squidoo, which is a revenue sharing, article-writing site, which can be another great platform for ClickBank affiliate marketers. Users can create their pages, which are otherwise known as lenses. These lenses are used to sell affiliate products, so creating a Squidoo for ever single ClickBank product you plan to promote makes good sense. `

You can upload your blogs and articles, and put up product reviews as well. While doing so, do add the affiliate link that carries well-researched keywords, product descriptions, and testimonials from users. Try to sprinkle the affiliate link all over the page so that it does catch the eye of the customer who will obviously click on the link and proceed to place orders for the products.

8. Other Options

In addition to the above mentioned, there are several other advertising options that an affiliate marketer should try using to promote ClickBank products. The other advertising options include Pop-Under Advertising, Native Ads, PPV Advertising and Mobile Ads. Most of the affiliate marketers are not even aware of the existence of these options because they probably never tried looking for any options.

The above-mentioned advertising options are good for promoting ClickBank products, and it is worth giving them a shot. Some of these advertising companies have a high volume of targeted traffic that can be tapped by the affiliate marketers who can get some good conversions. Hence, from all the above-mentioned tips, we know that ClickBank can indeed be a very rewarding affiliate network company to work with.

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