How to make a blog or website

How to make a blog or website

Do you want to know how to create a blog or website? Do you want to know the blog

Do you want to understand the process of creating a blog or a website correctly?

Do you want to know, what is a website? And want to understand the method of creating a perfect and good website?

What is a blog or website? What does blog mean?

if yes ! So let’s understand this process of creating blogs or websites one by one.

What to do when you start blogging or website (blogging and website)? By the way, I have many things in the Internet to understand, to read, someone says something, then something else. Do you feel confused or confused?

Let’s remove your problems. Not everyone is a specialist from the beginning of the blogger or the owner of the website. Blogging on the Internet that everyone in the world can overcome their difficulties and make their website or blog successful.

Let’s understand how to create a blog or website? Let us know Blog Meaning and How to Create? Before understanding how to make a blog or website, we need to know why we can join the blog or website world, and what are its benefits?
In the following points we have told you why someone is actually blogging or why he needs a website or why you want to make your website? You have the answer to why it is so important because it inspires you.

Note: If you made this decision and you know why you need a website, then you can skip the given points and proceed.It is loading …

In today’s times, blogging and website creation is the most well known method of communicating, while communicating with people.You can become famous through your blog and convey your point or your products to as many people as possible.

If you are a good writer, you can send your good articles to the people.The biggest thing! You can earn money sitting at home.

4 Basic spells: How to create blog or website steps to start a blog or website

There are 4 main steps for creating a blog or website that we have written below. If you follow these steps, you can create your new website within 30-40 minutes. The best part is that you do not even need to do any type of coding.

4 main steps to create a website or blog:

    Choose the right platform for your blog or website.
    Choose the best web-hosting for your blog or website.
    Set up your website or blog on your domain (domain).
    Design your blog or website, and understand some of the key things related to it.

# 1 Choose the right platform for your blog or website

To begin your website or blog, the first step is to choose the right platform. If you want to create a website for yourself, where you want to offer online shopping to sell your products, you can create your website on an installer like Opencart. If you want to create your own blog where you want to reach your articles and ideas, you can choose from them –

Blogger (the world’s only Google free and poster blogging service)

Tumblr (Half through it is a social networking website, half blog and usage is also very easy)

You can also create your own blog on WordPress. Today more than 50% of users have chosen WordPress. Let’s know –

Fully easy to use
You can use WordPress for free but if you can give some value, you can get thousands of features from it.
    Thousands of free themes
    Many types of layouts

 You get a great support service in this platform, where you can also solve your inconveniences / difficulties. You can also get the help of millions of plugins to make the website even easier and better.

# 2 How to Choose the Right Hosting for Your Blog or Website

This step is very important to you. Here you need to decide whether you want to spend some money at the beginning of your website or blog or you want to make your website free on any platform.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger provide free hosting to all three companies. Well, we will tell you some important things that are not available on these free hosting platforms – You can not set your own domain – the website URL that you create on the free hosting website looks very bad and bad. That’s because their URL looks like this –

You can not keep your ad and theme – this is a very important option and feature that is not available on the free website, so you can not keep your ad on that website. However this feature is available on You can do on the WordPress free website From the beginning of this post, we are speaking domain and website hosting! What does it mean to be a little cold?

Domain – Domain is the URL of your website in easy words through which people access your website on the Internet. E.g.
Web Hosting – Web Hosting is a company on the Internet that places your website on the internet so that people can access your website.

# 4 Design your blog or website

In our opinion, there are some very important points or steps in designing a blog that we have given you below –

First of all, select your domain (domain) according to your website’s products or post categories. This will make it easier for users of your website to identify and find you on the Internet.The second most important thing about which we are going to tell you in detail in your next post – Write the layout of the website, headings, meta tags, and description correctly.

To make your website beautiful, add a nice free theme and customize the section settings. If you want to get more convenience, you can also buy Themes like Themes from our website which we have taken from Thrivy Themes.

Enter the menu option at the top of your website or blog. About us a link, contact us, privacy policy, service page terms, and link to the menu. Keep your blog up to date regularly and write posts with good SEO.

These 4 steps are for those who have taken their website forward in the field of blogging and internet. Next we will consider all these small small points in detail.

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