How to improve SEO with Google Webmaster Tools?

How to improve SEO with Google Webmaster Tools

How to improve SEO from Google Webmaster Tools and get your website to Google’s first page?

Is your website or blog not doing well on Google Search Engine?
Can not your post links be indexed correctly on Google?
Do you know what Google Webmaster Tools is?
Have you added your blog or website to Google Webmaster Tools?

It is very important to connect your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Let’s know why Akhir is so important

Google Webmaster Tools is also a very important tool among many SEO tools. This tool is provided by Google itself, which monitors the full SEO of any embedded website.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

It is very difficult to get information about it from Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is only for webmasters. I want to let you know that if you are writing a good post and your post is being indexed correctly on Google, then there is no need to use this tool.

A slight default in Google Webmaster Tools may degrade the look of your website. Google’s Bo-T automatically indexes all posts from your website when you publish them.

So, Google Webmaster Tools? Yes, this is a very important question? Let’s tell you further.

How to improve SEO from Google Webmaster Tools and how to add websites / blogs to this search console

In order to add your website to Google Webmaster Tools, you must sign up for this site. If you have a Google Account, you can also login from it. After logging in, you will see a dashboard click on Add A Property.
How to improve SEO with Google Webmaster Tools?

After adding any website, you must verify that site. Google Webmaster Tools offers some different ways of verification such as –
It is loading …

By downloading the HTML file and uploading it to your site’s root directory.
    By putting HTML tags on the header of your website.
    Or verify your Google Analytics account.

What to do when a website or blog has ownership verification on Google Webmaster Tools?

Once ownership is verified in your website or blog Google Webmaster Tools, then you will be able to use all of its tools efficiently. As soon as your website is added it will also provide you the SEO report of your website every day. like –

Search query
You can learn about all the keywords in your website from this search query section. You can also learn about the keywords of the search page, CTR, and the average page ranking of the website.


The second most important thing is that you can get complete information about your internal and external links in Google Webmaster Tools. These links are backlinks to your website, so they need to keep them in place correctly.

If you feel that your website has been linked to a harmful website, you can also block that harmful link using the DISAVO file.

Crawl Errors

Google’s Bo-T is always crawling your website on search engines. In such a situation, there may be some mistakes in linking the link to your website, Google Webmaster Tools provides information about those errors at that time.

This is similar to the search query but in this option you can find out about all the keywords in the website you added.


This is another important section you can use from the dashboard. Here you can see all the sitemaps on your website. If you do not add a sitemap now, then definitely add your sitemap by visiting Webmaster Tools.

On the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, you can find more information about many things like Search Appearance, Search Traffic, AMP Optimization, International Targeting, Blocked Resources, RoboTxt Text, and many other security problems.

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