Facebook, Instagram and Messenger will not run in these phones from April 30!

Gadget Gask: If you use Windows Phone, then this news is very special for you. Facebook has given information on removing its app from the Windows Phone platform soon. Microsoft’s spokesperson confirmed that Facebook, Instagram and Messenger applications will be removed from Windows Phone after April 30.

• Let you know that Whatsapp is also the VoIP and instant messaging service of Facebook, but it is not clear whether WhatsAppSupport will be removed from the Windows platform.

Because of this, the services were closed

According to the report of BGR, the Microsoft Windows Phone Platform has been officially closed completely and this is the first reason that the support of Facebook, Instagram, and messenger applications will be removed from the Windows platform. The other reason is that Facebook does not even know how many users are using these apps on Windows platform. Because of which the decision has been finally decided to discontinue these apps.

Notifications for Users

The earliest closure of the Instagram was given by the online news website, WindowsCentral, which stated that Instagram has sent notifications to Windows users in which Instagram App has been informed of early closure of Windows platform. While on the Online Discussion website website, some users confirmed that they received these notifications. They have been informed about the closure of the Instagram on April 30 from Windows Phone. After this the news spread to the whole world after watching this news.

Third part apps being removed from the Microsoft Store According to the report, in 2015, the main third-party app was removed from Microsoft Store. After that, the company closed its Windows Phone business in the year 2016 with less sales. After this, the company closed the security and software updates about Windows Mobile OS in December 2018.

Whatsapp working on just 2 Windows Mobile versions You might be surprised to know that Whatsapp is currently working on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile OS. It is believed that there is a possibility of shutting down WhatsApp on these two versions.

Significantly, Windows Smartphones have stopped becoming and Microsoft has stopped launching its smartphones a long time ago. Not only that, the support of Whatsapp has been discontinued in the old Windows Phone. However, it is not clear whether Whatsapp will be discontinued in all Windows Phone.

Microsoft itself has announced that security updates will not be issued for Windows Phone after December 2019. That means, after this year, the use of Windows Phone will not be free from the danger.

Users on this post have posted this information on the Redet. Some users have also posted a screenshot which has a notification for Instagram. This notification says, “Instagram is going to go soon for Windows Phone. Instagram will not be available for Windows Phone from April 30. You will still be able to use Instagram from a web browser.

Let me tell you that Microsoft has assumed that the end of Windows Phone was done in 2017 and big developers are now also shutting down the app’s support. Now Facebook is number and Facebook has announced to close support.

According to InGadget, Microsoft is still a Facebook, Messenger and Instagram App on the store, but it is not the correct figure of how many users will be affected after April 30.

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