Android Mobile Top 10 Tips and Tricks 2019

Android Mobile Top 10 Tips and Tricks 2019

Android Mobile Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Hindi Today everyone has a smartphone in hand, which has an Android operating system. Google has created the Android operating system. Now as the world is moving forward, new features are being updated in Google’s Android system. These new features are so helpful that we can simplify many of our work by which, some of the features are known to everyone, so some features are hidden. That’s why you must have heard that it is necessary to use Mobile to use Android’s Hidden Features or to get complete control of the Android system.

After the mobile root, you can do whatever you want in the mobile, like when the mobile route is not there, we can not delete the company’s preinstalled apps, but after locking the mobile, any locked applications can be deleted. is. Android is the world’s most popular and affordable operating system, due to which a lot can be done. That’s why we are going to give you complete information about Android Mobile by Tips and Tricks today. Be sure to read the post till end, because by reading this post, you will find many tricks and hacks from your Android smartphone.

10 Best Tips and Tricks for Android Mobile

You do not know how many problems you face on your Android smartphone, such as mobile hanging up, mobile space is full, downloading a heavy game, downloading applications separately for any features and much more. In which your time and energy are both wasted and disturbed, it is different. So friends in today’s post, these 10 tips and tricks have been written keeping in mind your problems, which you can easily solicit the mobile problem yourself.

(1) Free Android Mobile from One Click

Sometimes it happens that the storage of your mobile is full and you do not want to delete anything from it and at the same time, it is difficult to save any important data or file in the mobile storage. At such a time, you need to delete your files and free the space. But I have a way that you can free the space without deleting anything.

You will not know but some unnecessary (without work) KBs / MBs are saved with whatever application you use or save the file data in your mobile. Suppose your total storage is 16GB, then there will be such useless storage up to 500MB. So now you have to delete such data. Follow the steps given below for deletion.

Open the File Manager >> Find the folder named Android >> Delete the Android folder. (Note: Remembering this trick is to delete only the folder named Andrew, do not delete any other folder, or any other data will be deleted.)

(2) Mobile Hang Problem Solution

Many people have questions about how to prevent mobile hanging, what to do if the mobile hangs, how to fix hang phones, mobile hang problem in Hindi First of all tell me why the mobile hang? The only reason for having a mobile hang is to fill applications or storage data in excess.

Think of yourself if you download PUBG GAME in 1GB of RAM, then the mobile will not be the same. People in the mobile hang problem solution recommend using the kind of memory and cache clean applications. But this advice does not help why hangings will be reduced for a while and then it will increase again.

So, without any application, delete the unsavory games and applications from your mobile, then delete the Unnecessary Data from your file manager too. Then see how your phone runs smoothly without hanging.

(3) How to search on Google without typing

Many of our Hindi-speaking people have problems in typing in English due to which they can not properly search on Google. If you are also in such a problem then you can search the internet by typing it with your voice without typing Google Voice Search feature.

You must be thinking how to do it? So it is very simple, first of all, open Google Chrome Browser in your mobile. After that click on a small mic icon in the side of the search bar and say what you want to search. Google will record your voice and will show you the search result in a few seconds.

(4) How to run mobile battery long time

However, nowadays, most of the smartphones have been backed up by battery charging in the time of charging and operating the battery for long time. But even then, some old mobiles that are charging quickly. So friends are talking about a battery, so it is a straightforward thing that your mobile battery should be power-efficient.

And with some tips I’m following, follow him. Delete the useless applications and games from your mobile. Keep the brightness of the mobile and keep the screen off time 15 seconds. Never keep the vibration mode on the phone. Do not always keep features like Bluetooth, wifi, Internet Data, and then turn off immediately after the work is done.

(5) How to break the mobile lock pattern

Any time you forget the password by locking the pattern lock or pin in the mobile, what did you put in it. Then you are completely confused what to do now. So friends, you can break a pattern password lock on your own by doing a trick in such a time.

First of all, switch off your Android mobile, then press Volume Up Key + Power Key simultaneously to hold 10 seconds. By doing this, the mobile will be turned on and will run in the recovery mode.

After coming to Recovery mode, select Factory Reset, your mobile touch will not work here, so use the volume key and power key to down and select. Successful factory reset will be reset to mobile and the pattern lock will also be broken. Step-by-step information here to read!

(6) How to know the photo and location of the thief when the mobile is stolen

Mobile is lost or stolen This is the biggest problem for mobile users, because once the mobile is stolen, it is not possible even after millions of attempts. But if you lose mobile already, you have to make a simple setting in such a way that if the mobile is lost or stolen, then the person who has the mobile gets the photo of him and his location will be able to find out how?

The way in which this method is telling, is 100% working in any situation, why do you think if you get any mobile then will not you try to open one’s screen lock? Ofcourse will! It’s just this game as soon as someone tries to open a mobile lock, its pic gets clicked and comes directly to your email. Guys read this post to know the full way: How to know the photo and location of the thief when losing mobile!

(7) Locating mobile number

Sometimes it happens that an unknown number is troubling you by calling you again and again, and you only think about the same thing that this mobile number is to be found. Mobile number SIM is named, what is the location of mobile number. So in such a way you can help the same application. And that’s Truecaller!

Yes Yes Truecaller is the best application for the caller’s ID information. To get more information about Truecaller, read this post: How to know the name, location and address of mobile number!

(8) How to hack computer from android phone

Do you know all the features of a computer can be hacked from an Android smartphone. Before this trick, the mobile has to connect via Bluetooth or Wifi, after following some tricks, you can easily control your smartphone by controlling someone’s computer. For this topic you can not understand here in short, you will have to read our complete Hacking Tutorial post Read Here!

(9) How to remove call details of any number

With this trick you can remove 6 months old call details of any of your mobile numbers. If you want to try this trick in someone else’s phone, you can get his call details too. What happens often is that when we have such a need, then we contact the customer careers and request them to know mobile call history records but they do not disclose in most of the cases. But dont worry You can do it yourself too How to do it is full information in this post – How to remove the mobile number of call details!

(10) How to use a double app in a mobile

I have read many times, people are searching Google on how to run 2 whitespace in a mobile, how to create 2 Facebook accounts in a mobile. So friends can double you in just one of your applications, not just Whatsapp or Facebook.

For the Double Application you will need the App Cloner Application which you will find easily on the google play store. The market is a lot of app cloner who will do your work but you will suggest the Parralel Space app because I have used it myself and it is the best app cloner. If you want to read step by step full tutorial then you can read it here!

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